There is no misunderstanding between Jitu and me, BJP is forcefully spreading rumors: Singhar

  • Viral video made in car on Alirajpur- Jobat road in discussion, Patwari became journalist, Umang is giving answer
  • Video of conversation between two leaders goes viral
  • Patwari’s claim: We are winning 10-15 seats

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
There is no misunderstanding between Congress State President Jitu Patwari and Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar.

Congress is giving equal competition on 10 to 15 seats in the state. Leader of Opposition Singhar has claimed this in a viral video. In fact, a video of the conversation with Congress state president Jitu Patwari and Singhar has been posted on social media. In this, Patwari posing as a journalist in a moving car is interviewing Umang Singhar. Umang is also answering these questions well.

The video is from a few days ago on Alirajpur-Jobat road. Leader of Opposition Singhar is answering Patwari’s questions in a 3 minute 55 second video.

In the video, Patwari asked if such things are coming to light that there are misunderstandings between you and the Congress State President or between the party, on this Umang said that the way we are taking the youth forward in the state, the BJP spreads rumors. He feels that the new youth is awakening and coming forward. Congress is getting stronger. BJP spreads these misconceptions. We both are brothers and have been doing politics together since college school. I don’t believe in these things.

Patwari asked that many people left the party, what do you say about this? On this, Umang said that some people have their own personal ambitions. Like Pachauri left at 75. Ram Nivas has incurred so much debt that he is leaving the party to repay the debt. Everyone has personal beliefs. Have started following their personal beliefs instead of the party. This is a matter of great sadness. We should move after seeing the grassroots workers of the party. Only then the party remains strong.

Patwari asked that when these people are leaving, the party would naturally be facing losses. On this Singhar said that Congress is strong in every assembly. There are thousands of people. There are many big leaders who want to move ahead, they will get opportunities. I don’t think there is any such thing as a shortage in any assembly.

Patwari asked what BJP says, this time it has crossed 29, what do you have to say on this? Umang said that he is showing the dream of crossing 29 and crossing 400 in the country. When BJP is running on the crutches of 40 parties. They want to divert the country from its main issues. Every farmer in the country wants his loan to be waived off. The farmer does not get the market price. BJP makes slogans. We want to provide legal guarantees. Every sister will get Rs 8500. As of today, we are giving equal competition on 10 to 15 seats. Congress will remain in a good and respectable position.

There were reports of rift between the two in ticket distribution

It is noteworthy that about a month ago, during the selection of tickets for Lok Sabha candidates, reports of opposition leader Umang Singhar’s displeasure had come to light. It was said that Umang is not satisfied with the ticket distribution in Vidisha. Since then he was not seen with Jeetu Patwari in many programs. Due to Umang’s displeasure, there was a delay in the declaration of tickets for Morena and Gwalior. However, Umang’s preference was kept in mind in the selection of both the candidates.

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