Testing platform inaugurated at BHEL

Bhopal: Shri S M Ramanathan, Executive Director, BHEL, Bhopal the other day inaugurated the newly constructed testing platform for combined system testing for test setup of Vande Bharat train sets at the Center for Electric Transportation (CET).

On this occasion Shri R.F. Siddiqui General Manager (TPTN & CET), Shri Akash Dani General Manager (TPTN EG & CET), Shri Avinash Chandra, General Manager ( WEX, MOD & LGX), Shri Alok Sengar, General Manager (Fabrication), Additional General Manager Shri Indranil Chattopadhyay (CET), Additional General Manager Shri M.K. Bhagat (CET) and TPTN and  officers and employees from FCX department were present.

BHEL has recently received an order for 80 Vande Bharat train set coaches and propulsion systems from Indian Railways. It has been decided to do the Combined System Testing, in the C.E.T lab. Creating Vande Bharat Combined System Testing in place of MCF test set-up was a very challenging task in itself. But on demand from customer and site, additional set-up for Vande Bharat has been given shape in the lab  in addition to MCF and 20 sets non AC. EMU project, CET in just less than a month.

FCX and CET of BHEL, Bhopal has walked the extra mile  by adding old fabrication items lying in the plant, which was highly appreciated by Shri Ramanathan. He also inspected the new test setup of Vande Bharat and the preparation for testing of 16 newly manufactured motors.

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