Tents have been put up to protect denizens from heat wave

  • Municipal Corporation’s efforts are commendable but no attention is paid to quenching thirst, drinking water stalls are closed

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Records of heat are continuously breaking in the capital. Heat waves and scorching sunlight for the last 15 days have increased the problems of working people and businesspeople, while school children are forced to reach the examination centers to give open examinations of classes 10-12.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Corporation has also come forward to give relief to the people. The corporation has put up tents at major intersections including Jyoti Talkies and Roshanpura, since the timing of traffic signals is longer here. Therefore, people will get some relief by putting up tents.

For the first time in Bhopal, the Municipal Corporation is trying to give relief to the common citizens from the scorching heat this year. Corporation commissioner Harendra Narayan said that between 12 and 4 pm, the asphalt on the roads has started melting. In such a situation, we are trying to provide relief to drivers and pedestrians by wetting the roads with water from tankers. Along with this, water fountains are also being released from vehicles. Tents have been put up to protect people from the sun when the traffic signal turns red at major intersections of the city including Roshanpura, Jyoti Talkies, Board Office. This will provide relief to people for some time. He said that if needed, the corporation will also put up tents at other intersections. Apart from this, social welfare organizations have also been appealing to cooperate by opening water stalls to quench the thirst of the people.

Children are enjoying water in Sheetaldas ki Bagiya located at Bade Talab. On the other hand, the Municipal Corporation is also releasing water fountains on the roads from tankers. Water fountains of the corporation are being released on most of the busiest traffic routes including the three link roads of the city, New Market, Polytechnic, Hamidia Road, Raisen Road, 80 feet road. On Monday, the third day of Nautapa, Bhopal also witnessed scorching heat with hot winds. The temperature was 30 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. It was 35.4 degrees at 8:30, 41.4 at 11:30 and 44 degrees at 2:30 in the afternoon. In this way, the temperature reached a high of 14 degrees in just 8 hours from Monday morning to afternoon. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert of intense heat for 28-29 May in Bhopal.

No arrangement to quench thirst

The drinking water stalls built by the Municipal Corporation a decade ago at various intersections and areas of the city have closed and become dilapidated. The corporation does not fill water in them now, the taps of the taps are missing.

Now you will get relief from heat at traffic signals too

Vehicles will not stop for more than 40 seconds at crossroads and intersections.

Bhopal Traffic Police is going to start an innovative initiative for the convenience of drivers in this scorching heat. Now, no driver will have to stop for more than 40 seconds at traffic signals at major intersections and intersections of the capital. Currently, the stopping time at traffic signals is up to one and a half minutes, due to which people have to face a lot of trouble. Initially, this system is being started at signals at more than a dozen major intersections and intersections. If needed, such arrangements will be made at other places as well. Traffic DCP Sanjay Singh said that the heat is increasing day by day. In such a situation, drivers have to stand for a long time at traffic signals installed at intersections and intersections, which causes them unnecessary trouble. This time is being reduced from Tuesday. The time of traffic signals with a duration of more than 40 seconds will be reduced by half, so that people will not have to wait for long to cross the signal.

The signal time is being reduced at Roshanpura intersection, Lalghati intersection, Jyoti Talkies intersection, Rethghat Tiraha, Bharat Mata intersection, Govindpura Tiraha, Prabhat intersection, Rangmahal intersection, Bhopal Talkies intersection, Court intersection, MP Nagar Thana intersection, Board Office intersection and Vyapam intersection.

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