Telangana: CM KCR calls for evaluation of BRS Govt’s 10-year progress

Jangaon (Telangana), Nov 18 (UNI) Telangana Chief Minister and BRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao has urged the public to assess the achievements of the BRS government during its 10-year tenure in the state.

Addressing an election meeting titled “Praja Aashirvaad Sabha” held at Cheryala in this district on Saturday, CM KCR encouraged voters to make informed decisions, emphasizing that an intelligent government would only emerge when citizens vote wisely. He urged them to reflect on how Telangana has transformed over the past decade. Before the formation of the separate state, drought-like situations, lack of drinking and irrigation water facilities, and electricity shortages prevailed. CM KCR asserted that the progress made under the BRS regime is evident, emphasizing the need for accurate information and awareness.

Challenging the opposition, CM KCR stated that nowhere in Congress-ruled states is a Rs 2000 pension provided, highlighting the BRS government’s commitment to the welfare of the people. He criticized the Congress for promising a Rs 4000 pension in Telangana, asserting that under BRS rule, pensions would increase gradually to Rs 5,000. He pointed to the positive changes witnessed by farmers, such as the abolition of water tax, 24×7 power supply, and welfare schemes like Rythu Bandhu and Rythu Bhima.

CM KCR highlighted the importance of these achievements, especially in comparison to the situation during the Congress regime. He promised further development for farmers if BRS continues its rule for the next 10 years, emphasizing the success of welfare schemes in creating prosperity. He urged voters to consider these factors before casting their votes.

Addressing concerns about attempts to limit his influence to Telangana, CM KCR claimed that Congress and BJP fear the expansion of BRS to Maharashtra if successful in Telangana. He stressed that these attempts were aimed at defeating him, emphasizing the collective efforts of the two parties.

CM KCR also provided updates on various developmental projects, including the provision of 24×7 electricity, achievements in agricultural production, and ongoing infrastructure projects to address water scarcity in the Cheryala area.

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