PM Modi speaks to eminent journalist Law Kumar Mishra; recalls his 40-year-old friendship

By Dr Asha Mishra Upadhyay

New Delhi, Nov 18 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for keeping his promises and friendship.

A vivid example of this was on Friday night, when the Prime Minister recalled his nearly 40-year-old friendship with eminent journalist Law Kumar Mishra and spoke to him over phone and delved deep into the decades-old memories.

During his meeting with Mishra’s son Abhinandan Mishra (Deputy Editor, Dainik Bhaskar, New Delhi) yesterday, the Prime Minister came to know about Law Kumar Mishra, who was the Special Correspondent of The Times of India in the 80s and became emotional remembering his friend.

Modi lovingly took his old friend’s mobile number.

Remembering his ‘Sudama’ with all his heart, Modi spoke to him over phone at 9.45 pm last night.

In an exclusive conversation with UNI on Saturday, Law Kumar Mishra became very emotional while sharing his conversation with the Prime Minister and said, “I could not have imagined that my dear friend Narendra Bhai Modi would meet me like Krishna in an exclusive conversation with ‘Dinheen Sudama’ and go deep into my heart.”

Law Kumar Mishra said, Modi said in a burst of laughter, “For me today, the sun has risen in the West. ‘Abhi’ (Abhinandan) too is a nice man.’

I told Abhi that I know Law Kumar very well, and I also discussed with him about my days in Srinagar, Ahmedabad and Patna. Now I have got your number. I will share old memories and will definitely meet you when I come to Patna next time.

During his interaction with Law Kumar Mishra, the Prime Minister spoke of his days in Ahmedabad, Srinagar and Patna, and shared his experiences.

The depth of the Prime Minister’s emotional heart can be understood from the fact that he is still worried about the families of those killed in the serial bomb blasts at his ‘Hunkar Rally’ at Gandhi Maidan in Patna in October 2013.

Modi said that he had gone to the house of a youth who was killed in the blast on October 30, 2013, who lived in a village in Patna. He told, “Unfortunately, the young man had passed away.’

Modi was a pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh when Law Kumar Mishra was posted in Gujarat. In the nineties, when Modi was the General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Law Kumar Mishra was working in Kashmir.

The two met again in Bhopal in 1998, when Modi was the general secretary of the party and the journalist was a special correspondent for The Times of India. On March 20, 2000, 35 Sikhs were killed by terrorists at Chattisinghpora in Anantnag district.

The friendship between Modi and Mishra deepened there. The two last met in 2013. During this time, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi was the Prime Ministerial candidate in the Lok Sabha elections from National Democratic Alliance.

Law Kumar Mishra said, “The Prime Minister spoke as if two lost friends met after a long time. And this moment became an invaluable gift of mine.’

After retiring from The Times of India, Mishra currently lives in his bungalow at Kankarbagh in Patna.

He is a seasoned political analyst. Television channels invite him from time to time to discuss important issues.

Mishra is currently freelancing and writes continuously on various issues.

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