SpaceX to support internet communications with international organizations in Gaza – Musk

United Nations, Oct 28 (UNI) US billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said on Saturday that his company SpaceX would support communications in Gaza with internationally recognized organizations, but no terminal has requested connection as of now.

“SpaceX will support communication links with internationally recognized aid organizations [in Gaza],” Musk replied on the social platform X, formerly Twitter, to a question whether he can provide Starlink connection to the exclave.

He added that “it is not clear who has authority for ground links in Gaza, but do we know that no terminal has requested a connection in that area.”

Earlier on Saturday, Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Communications Minister Ishaq Sadr said that the body was negotiating with Starlink the use of its services to restore communications in the Gaza Strip. The minister added that Palestine was in talks with Egypt to facilitate the entry of Starlink equipment into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing.

Al Arabiya broadcaster reported on Friday that communications and internet services in the Gaza Strip had been disrupted amid massive Israeli attacks.

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