Software engineer ends life by jumping into Upper Lake

Bhopal: On Sunday, a software engineer committed suicide by jumping into the Upper Lake in Bhopal. He was seen doing a morning walk at 7 am on the banks of the Upper Lake in Bhadbhada.

After some time he jumped into the lake. Family members say that he was under stress due to some installments of home loan being due. The engineer had left home saying he was going for a morning walk.

According to Kamla Nagar police station, Devendra Tomar (43) lived in Chuna Bhatti area. He was a software engineer in a private company.

He was on work from home for a year. He had left home on Sunday morning saying he was going for a morning walk. Eyewitnesses said that Devendra was seen on the banks of the pond at around 7 am.

It is said that he kept walking for some time and then suddenly jumped into the water (Engineer Suicide in Bhopal). The body has been recovered with the help of divers of the Municipal Corporation.

Devendra was married 14 years ago. He has two children, a boy and a girl. Police say that the exact reason for the suicide is expected to be revealed in the detailed statements of the family members.

At present, the body has been handed over to the family after the post-mortem. People of the colony said that Devendra was fond of running and gymming.

He had left the house on Sunday as usual. The news of his sudden death has shocked the family members.


Youth strangles wife, buries body in Eintkhedi

A sensational case of a husband killing his wife has come to light in village Patlon situated in Eintkhedi police station area. The accused strangled his wife to death, then put her body in a sack and brought it to a garbage pit near Arabaliya Gaushala. He collected the garbage there and burnt the body. When the body did not burn completely, the accused dug a pit there and buried it. After 9 days, the police dug a pit and recovered the remains of the woman’s body. According to Nishatpura police, Sania, daughter of Wasimuddin (22), resident of Murali Nagar Karond, was married to Nadeemuddin, resident of village Patlon, police station Eintkhedi, four years ago during the lockdown. 26-year-old Nadeemuddin is an auto driver by profession. Nadeemuddin used to doubt his wife’s character and the couple used to have disputes over this. The couple’s one and a half month old daughter had previously died due to burns from hot water.

On the night of 21 May, the couple reached their home in Patlon. During this time, Nadeem checked Sania’s mobile and saw a video in it. In the said video, Sania was seen with a young man. This led to another dispute between the husband and wife. When the dispute escalated, Nadeem beat Sania fiercely. When she fainted in the fight, the accused strangled her. When Sania died after strangulation, the accused Nadeem packed the body in a sack and reached Arabaliya Gaushala by auto. There, he collected dry garbage from the garbage pit and burnt Sania’s body. When the garbage did not burn the body completely, the accused dug a pit nearby and buried the body. The accused has been arrested and sent on police remand.

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