Sisodia and Sojatia face to face for the second time

In the by-election 2015, Sisodia won by more than 12 thousand votes
Due to caste equations, Sisodia has upper hand while Sojatiya is expert in back-and-forth

Mukesh Mehar, Garoth
BJP has fielded BJP’s Chandarsingh Sisodia from Garoth assembly to contest against the Congress leader. Sisodia has held many important positions. Former MLA Sisodia played an important role by holding the posts of District President, BJP President, Mandal President and other election in-charge posts in the state; in the 2018 elections, he also took the sinking ship ahead in Garoth assembly constituency. Now, Congress will have to work hard to win the seat.

In the by-election 2015, Chander Singh Sisodia defeated former minister Subhash Kumar Sojatiya. In 2018, Devi Lal Dhakad had defeated Sojatiya by a lesser margin of votes. Congress had termed BJP’s victory by a smaller margin than before as a moral defeat for the ruling party. Then, due to the death of BJP MLA Rajesh Yadav due to illness, it became necessary to hold by-election on this seat. Giving official information, the election officer said that BJP candidate Chander Singh Sisodia won the by-election by defeating Congress’s Subhash Kumar Sojatiya by a margin of 12,945 votes. After that, now again in 2023, the BJP High Command expressed confidence in Chander Singh Sisodia and gave the ticket to retain the seat. Now again Sojatiya and Sisodia will be face to face. Many young and senior leaders in BJP and Congress had tried hard and appealed to the high command for tickets, but to no avail. Now, to achieve victory for both the candidates, the credibility of their respective parties and themselves is at stake. Due to the caste equation, Chandersingh Sisodia has the upper hand while Sojatiya is an expert in backfiring. Those who are continuously dreaming of becoming MLA by taking ticket from Congress, reducing the margin of defeat in every election and coming closer to victory in the last phase, then Sisodia is also continuously active after the by-elections and working for the party by holding various posts and is making the public happy. Remaining a reliable face during the time of Congress government, when Garoth assembly had become a stronghold of Congress, Rajesh Yadav and his team played an important role in winning it for BJP. Late Rajesh Yadav had won this seat in the 2013 assembly elections by a margin of 25,755 votes and put it in BJP’s account. After that, Sojatiya of Congress is continuously trying to win the seat by bringing a ticket, but it will not be easy to penetrate the strong team of BJP and the network of Modi and Amit Shah.

Challenge for Congress and BJP to persuade angry leaders

In the 2015 by-election on Garoth assembly seat, which became vacant after the death of BJP MLA Rajesh Yadav, Chandersingh Sisodia got 81,449 votes while Subhash Kumar Sojatia got 68,504 votes. A total of 1,55,934 voters exercised their franchise, out of which 1,924 voted in favor of NOTA (none of the above). In 2013, 1,63,892 votes were cast on this seat. At the time of the by-election, big leaders of various states, states and the Center had come and camped, despite this, the candidates of both the parties were left sweating in the last phase before voting. This time the voters have also increased and the rift between the two parties regarding tickets has increased. It will be a challenge for both Congress and BJP to persuade angry leaders and workers.

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