Silence at Kamal Nath’s bungalow, lock at PCC office

Speculations continue over veteran leader’s likely switch to saffron party

Bhopal: Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath, currently in Delhi with his son and Chhindwara MP Nakul Nath since Saturday, faces speculation about a potential shift to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Meanwhile, there was silence at his Bhopal bungalow and the MPCC office in state capital also remained deserted and locked

Adding to the intrigue, a ‘Jai Shri Ram’ flag appeared on the roof of Nath’s Delhi residence. Despite these developments, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh remained confident in Nath’s loyalty to the Congress, referring to him as a pillar of the party.

Addressing reporters in Bhopal, Singh emphasized that Kamal Nath, despite facing pressure from agencies like the ED and CBI, is unlikely to abandon the Congress. Singh stated, “He has always supported Congress and has been a pillar of the Congress party.”

Responding to questions about Nath’s potential BJP move, Singh expressed doubt that Nath would leave the party. Singh acknowledged the pressure of investigations on Nath but asserted that Nath’s character is not one to succumb to such pressures.

Regarding the rumors of joining BJP, Digvijaya Singh remarked, “He has neither joined BJP nor resigned from the Congress party, apart from this, what further denial do you need?”

Meanwhile, Kamal Nath, leaving his Delhi residence on Sunday, informed the media that he hasn’t had any discussions on the matter yet. “I am going to a terahvi,” he added. Some of Nath’s supporting leaders, including former minister Sajjan Singh Verma, have also arrived in Delhi, raising the possibility of Nath’s potential BJP affiliation and causing uneasiness within the state unit of the Congress.

The situation continues to unfold, with uncertainty surrounding Kamal Nath’s political allegiance amidst the swirling speculations.

Nath may announce retirement?

As the day proceeded, sources said that instead of joining BJP, Kamal Nath may announce his retirement from politics or stay away from electoral politics.

Though, his son MP Nakul Nath and daughter-in-law Priyanath can take membership of BJP. No official information has been revealed as to when he will join the saffron party.

Meanwhile, former Congress MLA Deepak Saxena alleged that Kamal Nath has been sidelined in the grand-old party and if Kamal Nath decided to join BJP, then he will follow suit.

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