Gandhi Nagar police bust gang of vehicle thieves

Crime Watch

Bhopal: Gandhi Nagar police have busted a gang involved in snatching and vehicle theft in daytime and arrested the accused. The main accused Nayaz, a resident of Bangalore, comes to Bhopal by flight to commit crimes of robbery and theft.

The other accused Abid was arrested from Ashta, Sehore. However, no information was received about main accused Nayaz. The police identified the people who used to come to meet him while he was in the jail. It was revealed that Abid used to come to meet him frequently.

When Abid was detained and quizzed he revealed that he had received stolen jewelery from Nayaz and Raju for selling it. On the basis of the information provided by him the other accused were also arrested.

Special teams were formed to detect registered crimes and research was started. In the case, CCTV footage around the incident spot was seen, in which Nayaz, a resident of Bangalore Karnataka, who had committed theft incidents in many police stations of Gandhi Nagar and Bhopal city, was identified. In the case, since no specific information or mobile number of the accused Nayaz was found, the persons who came to meet the accused during the stay of accused Nayaz in jail were identified in which accused Abid resident of Ashta was mainly found to be coming to meet the accused.


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