Shashi Tharoor’s nomination affidavit shows Bitcoin ETF worth Rs 5,11,314

Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 4 (UNI) Congress-led UDF candidate Shashi Tharoor, who filed his nomination paper for the Thiruvananthapuram Lok Sabha seat disclosed that he holds Bitcoin ETF worth Rs 5,11,314.

The affidavit of the former union minister of state for HRD and External Affairs shows his movable assets of Rs 49.3 crore and immovable assets of Rs 6.75 crore.

His affidavit shows investment in US Treasury Securities worth Rs 2 crore and a loan of Rs 1.1 crore in Estee Capital LLC, USA.

Other investments in several mutual funds and other investment schemes include equities of Rs 9.33 crore, corporate bonds of Rs 3.46 crore, certificate of deposits worth Rs 91.7 lakhs, options investments amounting to Rs 19.98 lakhs, and Rs 36,000 in cash in hand.

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