School’s plaster falls in Shahjahanabad; narrow escape for students, staff

Bhopal, Plaster from the roof of the school fell on the children studying in the class. Thankfully the children did not sustain serious injury. The incident took place at Government Middle Sshool located in Shahjahanabad, Bhopal. When this incident happened on Friday afternoon, more than 17 children were studying in the class. A teacher and a child were injured. While the remaining children sustained minor injuries. According to the information, the school building is about 35 years old.

Head teacher Kiran Purohit said that more than 100 children study in the school. There are 8 teachers. There were 17 children present in the class when the incident occurred. The plaster may have become weak due to dampness of rain. Due to this the plaster has fallen. The councilor had got the repair work done in the class room where the incident took place. We are continuously getting the school repaired.

More than 17 children were studying in the class when the incident occurred on Friday afternoon.

Education officer says that a teacher and a student were injured in the accident. Both have been sent to the nearest hospital for treatment. Shahjahanabad police station in-charge said that he reached the spot and talked to the children and teacher. A girl’s leg was injured. Teachers have sent the remaining children home.


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