‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai’ to premiere on Zee Anmol Cinema

Mumbai, (UNI) Zee Anmol Cinema, known for its ‘Aapki Family Ka Cinema Hall’, has recently released the trailer for the upcoming film ‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai’, starring Sharman Joshi and Annu Kapoor.

Produced by Vinod Bhanushali, Kamlesh Bhanushali, Deepak Diwan, and Sampat Singh Rathore, the film will premiere on Zee Anmol Cinema on November 18.

The film is directed by debutante Abhinav Pareek and will be available for viewers to enjoy from home.

The film explores the challenges of life, job struggles, and the bond between a father and son.

Sharman Joshi portrays a man desperate to find a government job, while Annu Kapoor portrays a government employee on the cusp of retirement.

The film touches on the harsh reality of unemployment and the lengths a person can go to secure a government job.

Annu Kapoor’s character, the father, is a reflection of the unspoken love that parents have for their children.

Director Abhinav Pareek said, ‘Sab Moh Maaya Hai’ is his debut and explores the quirks of human relationships and the evergreen theme of family love.

He aims to create a narrative that not only entertains but also makes the audience reflect on the choices we make in our lives, especially in the context of family.

The story follows Ram Naresh Mishra, an insurance agent, and his son Piyush, who dreams of a government job for his civil post.

When Piyush learns of his friend Raju’s unexplainable government job through the ‘Anukampa Yojana’, he proposes asking his father to die in order to get his job.

Mishra agrees, but with a wager, stating his desire to have his “terahvi” before his actual death.

The film promises to be a unique experience for audiences, allowing them to laugh, cry, and reflect on the journey of life.

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