Rohit Sharma raises concerns over invasive media practices

Mumbai, May 19 (UNI) Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma has raised strong concerns about the increasing intrusiveness of media coverage in the lives of cricketers. Although Sharma did not specify particular incidents, it is inferred that he was referring to a specific occurrence at a training ground, which was later broadcast by Star Sports.

Sharma expressed his frustration over the constant recording of private moments with friends and colleagues, whether during training sessions or on match days. He emphasized that this invasive behavior undermines the privacy cricketers are entitled to in their interactions.

“Despite explicitly asking Star Sports not to record my conversation, it was still captured and subsequently broadcast. This is a clear breach of privacy,” Sharma stated.

He also criticized the media’s relentless pursuit of exclusive content and its focus on views and engagement, warning that such practices could ultimately erode the trust between fans, cricketers, and the sport itself.

The incident Sharma likely referred to involved him telling a Star Sports cameraman, “Bhai yaar audio band kar bhai, ek audio ne meri waat laga diya hai,” during a training session. This interaction was later aired by Star Sports, highlighting the breach of privacy Sharma is concerned about.

This is not the only incident of Sharma’s private conversations being recorded. The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) caused significant controversy before their game against the Mumbai Indians by posting a conversation between Sharma and Abhishek Nayar, KKR’s Assistant Coach. The conversation hinted at Sharma potentially moving out of Mumbai in the next IPL season. The video has since been deleted by the KKR franchise.

“Let better sense prevail,” Sharma urged, calling for a more respectful and balanced approach to media coverage that honors the personal boundaries of players.

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