Robbery at jeweler’s house: All 3 accused held

Bhopal, The police have arrested all three accused in the robbery case that took place at a jeweler’s house in E-4 Arera Colony, a posh area of the capital, on Wednesday evening. In this, the police looted from the complainant’s house the mobile phone used by the accused in the incident, an amount of Rs 33.60 lakh and gold coins etc. whose total value is around Rs 35 lakh. Police Commissioner Harinarayanchari Mishra said that the next morning the complainant informed the police about the correct amount after subtracting all the sums.

On Wednesday, three unidentified men forcibly entered the residence of a jeweler situated in the E-4 area of Arera colony. According to the police, the jeweler’s wife was alone at home during the incident and was held captive at knifepoint by the assailants. The robbers managed to escape with booty.

Two guards stationed outside the house of jeweler Dhanwani observed three individuals fleeing the scene. Becoming suspicious, they attempted to apprehend the robbers. With the assistance of nearby residents, one of the robbers was caught, while the other two managed to escape, leaving behind a bag containing the stolen money. The police were promptly notified, and they successfully apprehended the remaining two suspects shortly afterward.

Zone-1 DCP Ramji Shrivastava informed that the complainant, Sunil Dhanwani, operates a jewelry showroom in the city. On Wednesday evening, he was at the showroom with his elder son Goldie, while his daughter-in-law and younger daughter were at a boutique, and his younger son Mayank was at the market. The stolen jewelry, intended for Mayank’s upcoming wedding on the 28th, was stored in the house.

Sunil Dhanwani received a distress call from his wife, reporting that three men had forcibly entered their home around 8 p.m. on Wednesday. Brandishing knives, the intruders entered the house, held her captive, and ransacked the almirah to collect the cash, placing it in bags they had brought. After committing the crime, the robbers threatened her and fled the scene.

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