Read one shloka every day: Ramakant Pandey

Conference of Sanskriti Bharat Bhopal Mahanagar held

Bhopal: Today the district conference of Sanskriti Bharat Bhopal Mahanagar was held in the auditorium of State Animal Husbandry Training Institute, Vaishali Nagar. The chief guest in this conference was Madhya Pradesh Government Higher Education Minister, Inder Singh Parmar. Special guest Professor Ramakant Pandey and Saraswat guest Mrs. Amit Akhri Madam participated in the program. Mr. Bharat Vairagi ji and Chairman Mr. Ashok Bhadoria were present as the distinguished guests of the program.

In his address, Professor Ramakant Pandey said that foreigners have stolen all the ideas from India and created their own theories. On this occasion, Shri Bharat Bairagi ji requested everyone to read one shloka every day and understand it. As the keynote speaker, Mr. Pramod Pandit ji told that every person in India has a Sanskrit name and 80 percent of the village names in India are also in Sanskrit language.

Sanskrit is the soul of India, without it culture cannot be imagined. Dr. Jageshwar Patle, Dr. Bharat Batham, Mr. Pawan Divedi, Mr. Kamal Chandra Sankaria, Mr. Surya Prakash Joshi etc. were instrumental in conducting the program efficiently. The program was efficiently conducted by Dr. Lalit Mohan Pantola.

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