Ram temple in Ayodhya is a symbol of victory for the patience of Indians: PM

New Delhi, Oct 24 (UNI) Addressing ‘Ravan Dahan’ gathering in the national capital, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that it is a matter of great fortune to witness the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) and the divine sound that would reverberate the grand Ram Lala temple next year will bring immense joy to the world.

The prime minister said that the construction of temple at the Lord Ram’s birthplace is a symbol of victory for Indians after centuries of waiting and patience.

“We are just few months away from the opening of the temple. Lord Rama will soon be arriving,” he said.

Modi extended Vijayadashmi greetings to people and called for the end of discrimination in the society.

“We should resolve to end evils and discrimination in society,” he said.

He said that apart from being the celebration of Lord Ram’s victory over Ravan, Vijayadashmi should also be a festival of triumph of patriotism over the evils prevalent in the country. He noted that India is not only the world’s largest democracy but also the most trusted democracy.

Referring to the Shastra Poojan tradition on Dussehra, the Prime Minister emphasized that in India weapons are not used for annexation but for defence.

PM Modi reiterated the importance of the next 25 years for India and said, “We have to create an India of Lord Ram’s ideas. A developed India, which is self-reliant, a developed India, which gives the message of world peace, a developed India, where everyone has equal rights to fulfill their dreams, a developed India, where people feel a sense of prosperity and satisfaction. This is Ram Raj’s vision.”

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