Dussehra celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Bihar

Patna, Oct 24 ( UNI) The nine-day long Durga puja festival ended in Bihar with symbolic burning the effigy of Ravana at the historic Gandhi Maidan on Tuesday.

Bihar Governor Vishwanath Serkar and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inaugurated the ceremonial ‘Ravana Vadh’ function organised with traditional fervour.

While lighting the lamp during the inaugural function, Nitish Kumar released balloons in the air to spread the message of peace and harmony.

Later the effigies of Ravan, the mythological symbol of evil, his son Meghnad and his brother Kumbhkarna were burnt one by one.

The ritual signifies the victory of Dharma over adharma as the demon King Ravana is a manifestation of evil who was killed by Lord Rama, a symbol of righteousness.

The burning of Ravan’s effigy marks the victory of the truth over evil.

Meanwhile, People celebrated Dusshera in the state with pomp and gaiety.

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