Rahul Gandhi criticizes Modi regime, promises reforms

Hyderabad, Apr 6 (UNI) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the Modi government, alleging that poverty has deepened under its regime, particularly impacting the poor of the nation.

Addressing a massive public gathering titled “Jana Jatara” in Thukkuguda, Rangreddy district, after unveiling the party’s election manifesto in Telugu, Rahul criticized Prime Minister Modi for allegedly favouring corporates over farmers, stating that loan waivers were extended only to the for corporates.

Asserting the Congress’s commitment to its promises made during assembly elections, Rahul pledged to fulfill them, stressing the importance of amplifying the voices of the people.

Highlighting job creation efforts, Rahul mentioned that the Congress government in Telangana has already facilitated 30,000 jobs, with plans for further employment opportunities. He outlined initiatives to provide training and a stipend of Rs. 1 lakh per year to unemployed individuals across various sectors.

Promising financial support to working women and advocating for a caste census in the country, Rahul addressed issues of farmer suicides and advocated for minimum support prices (MSP) for crops, as recommended by Dr Swaminathan.

Furthering his commitment to workers’ rights, Rahul proposed a minimum wage of Rs. 400 per day under the National Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Expressing solidarity with marginalized communities, Rahul pledged to address their representation in various sectors and to unveil the financial disparities within the country.

Declaring his strong bond with the people of Telangana, Rahul assured continuous support, promising to prioritize the state’s development under Congress governance. He envisioned Telangana as an exemplary state, advocating for a “Made in Telangana” system of over-reliance on imports.

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