Bhaderwah saw harmonious development with equitable share in 10 years: Jitendra

Jammu, Apr 6 (UNI) Union Minister and BJP Candidate for Udhampur Lok Sabha constituency Dr Jitendra Singh on Saturday said that Bhaderwah, like the rest of the Doda district, saw harmonious development with equitable share in the last 10 years.

Addressing a public rally in Bhaderwah town of Doda district, Dr Singh said, this region traditionally known for its composite culture and communal harmony, was sought to be polluted by Congress and its allies through their divisive politics but Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced a new work culture in politics that is, to reach out to those who need us and to meet their requirement regardless of their religious or political affiliations.

Dr Singh said the last 10 years have changed the face of the entire erstwhile Doda district including the beautiful region of Bhaderwah.

He said this is possibly the only Lok Sabha Constituency in the country which got three centrally funded medical colleges including one at Doda. Bhaderwah, he said, will also have the pride of having the first of its kind Institute of High Altitude Medicine supported by the Ministry of Ayush.

Today, Dr Singh said, there is a network of roads being laid down in the entire region. To appreciate this one has to compare the state of affairs before 2014, he said and vividly recalled that before 2014 even the road from Doda to Bhaderwah was not in a decent condition, and at the slightest landslide there was a disruption for hours together whereas now the commuting between these two towns takes hardly forty to forty-five minutes with a smooth running.

As far as the PMGSY roads are concerned, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the Bhaderwah Assembly Constituency is the one that got the highest share of central fund allocation in J&K for the construction of PMGSY roads.

“The irony is that many of the native areas from where the erstwhile Congress MLAs and MPs hailed have also received connectivity only after 2014 during the Modi regime,” he quipped.

Dr Singh said, “Bhaderwah has suddenly started attracting a large number of tourists in the last number of years, and in the years to come this phenomenon is going to create further momentum.”

Dr Singh appreciated the harmony with which the members of all the communities lived and contributed to the composite culture of Bhaderwah.

He said, it was the Congress party that sought to divide the communities for a vote bank but it is Prime Minister Modi’s inclusive approach which reflected in all the schemes like the Ujjwala Gas Scheme or PMAY Pukka house Scheme where the benefits have been provided to every household regardless of caste, creed or religion.

Appealing for a vote for BJP on April 19, Dr Singh said, it is a foregone conclusion that Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister for the third term but what is heartening is that when in his third term India becomes the third largest economy, Bhaderwah’s natural resources, which had remained unexplored or underexplored so far would also have contributed substantially in the growth story of India.

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