Raghunandan’s pain after Uma

  • Raghu said – Present leadership is not giving importance to senior most workers

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The voices of discontent in BJP are not stopping. While former CM Uma Bharti fiercely cornered the state leadership after not receiving the invitation, now the pain of former Rajya Sabha MP Raghunandan Sharma has also come to the fore. He said that the present BJP leadership and activists have presumed senior most people of the state dead who are alive. In fact, in Madhya Pradesh, Bharatiya Janata Party is taking out Jan Ashirwad Yatra to spread the achievements of the government among the people. Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti has not even been invited for this visit. She is angry about this. Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti felt very pained over this and at the same time she also expressed her anger. Uma said, ‘Even if they call me now, I will not go.’ She said – they have not called me now, then they will call me at the time of elections. Uma said that I had formed the government in 2020 even when I was infected with Corona, but Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, come otherwise I will come to AIIMS. The entire state BJP was criticizing me. Uma Bharti said- I am surprised, because has my memory become weak? Because I have been remembered in every election. Just paste a photo at the beginning of the Yatra, it doesn’t matter. There are elections to be held in future also, the country has to be run and this weak memory will not work. She further said that do not ignore the workers, otherwise you will be of no use.

It doesn’t matter whether you get the invitation or not

Uma Bharti said that I do not become more or less by getting an invitation or not. If I am invited now, I will not go anywhere. Neither at the beginning nor at the closing ceremony on 25th September. She said that I am one of those people whose blood and sweat made this BJP. I will never harm the party. Uma said that the party cannot reduce my ability to contribute. I will not give this right to the party, the day the party does this to me, I will become aggressive.

Aashirwad yatras, speeches will continue to held, should convince the workers

Former Rajya Sabha member Raghunandan Sharma said that at present the word dialogue and contact with the state BJP has disappeared. Those who are dissatisfied leave. When former MLA Girija Shankar Sharma gave his resignation letter, he talked to him, on which he said that you only talked, here Bhanwar Singh said. Convince the angry workers. The condition of Bhima and Arjuna and Bhishma Pitamah at the time of Draupadi’s disrobing, is the same condition of the in-charges. Ashirwad Yatras, speeches will continue, first convince the workers. There is still time to retain the love of the voters. He said that the necessary decisions should be taken by the central leadership. There is disappointment among the workers. Instead of meeting two people in the party office, the state president and the state general secretary and the chief in the government. When we don’t meet, we get disappointed. The workers are not getting respect. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had called a month ago and said that he has to come to meet, but did not get time till date. This is an unfortunate situation.

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