R-Day Parade: MP’s tableau will showcase prosperity and women’s empowerment

Press preview of tableau of states organized in National Theater Camp

Bhopal, The tableau of Madhya Pradesh focused on “The basic mantra of development – ??self-reliant women” will grace the Republic Day celebrations 2024 to be held in Delhi on January 26. The tableau will showcase the state’s prosperity, culture and women’s empowerment. The fascinating confluence of art and culture of the state was the center of attraction in the press preview of the tableau of the states held on Monday at the National Theater Camp.

The tableau of the state focuses on self-reliant and progressive women power. The progress of the women of the state, equally active in the modern service sector, small scale industries and traditional sectors, has been shown in this tableau. The tableau has showcased the progress of women of the state from fields to aeroplanes.

In the foreground of the tableau, the first woman fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force, Avani Chaturvedi from Rewa district, is shown with the MiG Bison fighter aircraft. Gond paintings are displayed in the lower part of the façade.

In the central part of the tableau, a female artist is giving a live demonstration of painting on a pot. In the background of Badal Mahal Gate of Chanderi, weaver women are displaying Chanderi, Maheshwari and tiger print sarees for sale. In the lower part of the central part, Gond wall painting of Padma Shri awardee Smt. Durgabai along with women artists are seen doing stone carving.

The reverse side of the tableau shows a replica of Ms. Lahari Bai of Dindori district with various types of food grains kept in bamboo baskets under the banner of “Millet Woman of India”. In its lower part, wall paintings made of different types of grains are shown.

Along with the tableau, a group of women artists are performing the Matki folk dance of Malwa region to the tune of “Developed-Empowered-Strong-Prosperous, Our Beloved Madhya Pradesh”.

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