Property of those playing with future of youth to be seized: Yogi

Kairana (UP), April 12 (UNI) Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said that playing with the future of the youth is intolerable and anyone attempting such actions will face the confiscation of their ancestral property, which will then be distributed among the underprivileged.

Addressing a public meeting organised in the Kairana Lok Sabha constituency, the CM said, “Our government has given riot and curfew-free Uttar Pradesh. We have fostered a peaceful and harmonious environment by suppressing those who incite riots and enforce curfews. Let us not allow them to thrive again, as they will only provoke further disturbances through caste-based politics.”

He said, “This poses a threat to the safety of our daughters and the prosperity of our businessmen, constituting a conspiracy to hinder development. We must transcend this and take action. To achieve this, we must not allow rioters, corrupt individuals, anarchists and those who endanger the lives of our daughters, mothers, farmers, and youth to thrive again, regardless of their status.”

During this, Yogi urged the public to vote in support of the joint candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) Pradeep Chaudhary.

Highlighting the progress in Saharanpur, he said that instances of riots and curfews are now a thing of the past. “Saharanpur is now dedicated to realising the aspiration of a developed Uttar Pradesh, on the lines of developed India by joining the stream of development,” he said.

The CM mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his gratitude to Chaudhary Charan Singh, the messiah of farmers, by honouring him with the country’s highest civilian honour.

He elaborated on the transformative changes witnessed in the past decade under PM Modi’s leadership, emphasising the elevation of India’s stature globally.

He highlighted the bolstered security of the borders, the eradication of terrorism and Naxalism and the initiation of significant developmental projects.

Yogi underscored the unprecedented advancements in infrastructure, including the construction of highways, railways, metro, universities, medical colleges and engineering institutes, alongside robust welfare schemes benefiting the underprivileged.

He said, “Modi ji has consistently ensured that scheme benefits are distributed without considering anyone’s caste. Over the past four years, 80 crore people have received free rations. Presently, people have the assurance of health insurance coverage worth Rs 5,00,000 in the event of illness.”

The CM said that if someone hasn’t obtained their Ayushman card, upon receiving a letter from any victim or MLA, he promptly facilitates the transfer of funds from Lucknow to their account. “While the caste of an ill person might be important for those focused on vote bank politics, for him, they are citizens of the state and it is his responsibility to safeguard their interests,” he said.

He said, “We never engaged in propaganda. Today, there is no discrimination in government jobs. When job opportunities arise, our youth from Saharanpur are also recruited in large numbers. Previously, recruitment was limited to only a few districts, neglecting the rest. We made it clear that this approach was unacceptable. Recruitment now occurs in all 75 districts, and anyone who jeopardizes the future of our youth will face the confiscation of their fathers’ and grandfathers’ properties, which will then be distributed among the needy.”

Yogi criticised opposition parties, highlighting the neglect suffered by hardworking farmers, labourers, artisans and craftsmen in Saharanpur under previous governments. “They were all victims of the divisive policies implemented by the governments of Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Congress,” he said.

He said, “Development in the region was disrupted. The farmers was forced to commit suicide. Youth were compelled to migrate, daughters lived in constant fear and businessmen faced persistent threats. Moreover, efforts to sow divisions along caste lines tore apart the social fabric, leading to dire consequences such as periods of national subjugation, destruction of historically significant religious centers, bans on cultural practices like the Kanwar Yatra, and outbreaks of anti-Sikh riots, leaving everyone feeling insecure.”

The CM said Saharanpur, which is blessed with abundant natural beauty and divine grace, had the potential to emerge as an educational hub like Kashi but instead became embroiled in religious fervour and controversies, a result of conspiracies against the nation.

He remarked on the transformation from a time when the mafia operated with impunity and riots were commonplace over trivial matters. “Nowadays, these troublemakers have forgotten about rioting. When caught, they are swiftly dealt with, and subjected to deterrent measures. In the past, the mafia in Prayagraj would brutally target individuals from backward castes. In response, we seized their assets and utilized them to construct homes for the less fortunate,” he said.

Yogi emphasized that both the central and state governments share a single vision of serving the public.

He urged citizens to work towards making their state and country global leaders, as this would ensure a bright future for both the current and future generations.

He highlighted the necessity of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, noting that his agenda for national development, commitment to providing security and efforts to elevate the dignity of India’s 140 crore citizens make him indispensable to the nation.

The CM stressed the importance of securing a third term for Prime Minister Modi to continue India’s journey towards becoming the world’s third-largest economy. To achieve this, he advocated for electing Pradeep Chaudhary as MP from Kairana for the third time.

He highlighted the need for a government that prioritizes the interests of all 140 crore people, emphasizing that this election represents a choice between ‘Family First’ and ‘Nation First.’

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