Prepare to win all LS seats: Azad to cadre

Jammu, Feb 4 (UNI) Chairman Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) Ghulam Nabi Azad on Sunday asked cadre to gear up and prepare to win upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Presiding over a meeting of party’s office bearers here, Azad emphasized the importance of coordination and underscored the need for regular meetings to ensure a unified and effective campaign.

He asserted, “We must prepare to secure victory in all seats, as our party is the only one deemed acceptable by the people.”

“Others have only misled and failed to work for the welfare of the citizens,” he stated and said that “In the last one and half year, since the formation of our party, we stand as the sole political party actively engaging in on-ground battles for people’s concerns, particularly against the land eviction order.”

“Our unwavering commitment extends to advocating for special status, statehood, and various other pressing matters. Rest assured, we will persistently champion these causes. Our agenda is unequivocal – to bring public issues to the forefront and steadfastly concentrate on fostering development and peace within our community,” said Azad asserting that other parties have misled the public with false promises, whereas his party remains committed to transparency and avoiding deception.

He emphasized, “We don’t mislead. My sole aim is to continue the work I initiated as Chief Minister.”

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