Pralhad Joshi alleges Karnataka govt’s hand in leaking Neha’s photos

Hubballi (Karnataka), April 24 (UNI) Union Minister and BJP candidate for Dharwad Lok Sabha seat, Pralhad Joshi, has accused the Congress government in Karnataka of leaking photos from the mobile of Neha Hiremath’s alleged killer.

Neha was allegedly murdered by Fayaz Kondinkoppa, after which photos of the two together went viral on social media platforms. An Instagram account also portrayed them as being in a relationship, leading to allegations of love jihad by Neha’s family.

Speaking to reporters here on Wednesday, Joshi questioned, “Who leaked the photos from the accused’s mobile when he was in prison?” He accused the Karnataka government of being involved in the leaking of the photos and emphasised the need for an investigation into the matter.

Hubballi has witnessed another incident of assault on a young woman following Neha’s murder. Joshi alleged that the young woman was assaulted after refusing to convert to another religion.

“Hindu organisations and communities are strong in the Hubballi region. If such incidents are happening here, what is the situation in other places?” Joshi questioned, expressing concerns about the safety and security of women and the broader implications for communal harmony.

The Union Minister further stated, “Those involved in appeasement politics should be overthrown from power. If not, it would be difficult for us to retain Hindu religion and culture in our homes.”

The allegations made by Joshi have raised significant concerns about the handling of the case and the broader issues of communal tensions and religious conversions in the region. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure justice and maintain peace and harmony among different communities.

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