Prahlad Patel will make history in his new role: Shivraj

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has expressed confidence that Union Minister Prahlad Patel will make history in his new role as a candidate in the upcoming State Assembly elections from the Narsinghpur constituency. CM Chouhan conveyed this during a gathering held in support of Union Minister Patel in Narsinghpur district on Wednesday.

“I am content that Prahlad Patel is stepping into the legislative assembly elections from Narsinghpur. I am delighted and proud to be here on the occasion when he files his nomination,” Chouhan stated. He went on to emphasize the belief that everyone has a unique purpose on this earth, and in their political careers, they have strived to fulfill their responsibilities with dedication and integrity.

“God sends each of us for a special purpose. From the depths of my heart, I can say that we too have been sent to this world for a reason. Therefore, in my political journey, I have endeavored to carry out my responsibilities with hard work and honesty. I have complete faith that Prahlad Patel will establish a new chapter in this fresh role,” CM Chouhan added.

In contrast, after officially submitting his nomination for the Narsinghpur assembly seat, Union Minister and BJP candidate Prahlad Singh Patel expressed his views to media. He stated, “Development, in essence, means making all top-tier facilities accessible to the common people without them having to request it. The Modi government has achieved this goal. We have outperformed our initial promises. False pledges are not part of the BJP’s principles; they belong to the Congress. It’s regrettable that Congress leaders consistently criticize our heritage. Regarding the CM’s ‘Kanya Poojan,’ I say with sadness that even after completing the Narmada Parikrama, Digvijaya Singh is unable to show respect for the strength of women. Nothing could be more unfortunate.”

Notably, during a press conference in the state capital on Monday, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh remarked, “I haven’t seen anyone who puts on more theatrics than the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Now, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears threatened by him.” Singh made this comment in light of CM Chouhan’s Kanya Pujan ceremony at the CM House on the final day of Navratri.

Madhya Pradesh is one of the five states slated to hold elections this year, with polling scheduled for November 17 and vote counting set for December 3. Voters will elect representatives for the state’s 230 Assembly constituencies.

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