Police create 40 km green corridor

  • Kidney taken from Bhopal to Indore

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
On Monday, around 11 o’clock, DCP Traffic Sanjay Singh received information that human organs were to be taken by road from a hospital in Kolar to Indore. Then, under the guidance of DCP Traffic Sanjay Singh, about 40 km long green corridor was built from Bansal Hospital to Phanda Toll Naka by about 100 traffic police personnel. In making the green corridor, about 100 officers/employees, including ACP Ajay Vajpayee, ACP Vijay Dubey, Subedar Devendra Yadav played an important role in taking the human body parts to the designated place in a very short time. Traffic Police Bhopal has done humanitarian work by creating a green corridor for organ donation. The kidney was brought to Indore in two hours and 45 minutes through the green corridor. Due to which now one person will get life. 54-year-old Harishankar Dhimole, resident of Sagar, was a teacher by profession. He was hospitalized due to illness, doctors declared him brain dead. The family members agreed to donate the organs. After this, possibilities of a green corridor were created. A person admitted to a hospital in Indore had kidney failure. As per the prescribed procedure, he was selected for organ transplant. The family bid farewell to Harshankar’s body with tears in his eyes. After this, the kidney was transported to Indore in a special box in an ambulance.

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