PM Modi predicts BRS defeat in coming Telangana Assembly election

Hyderabad, Nov 7 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a prediction on Tuesday, stating that the BRS is likely to face defeat in the coming Telangana Assembly election slated for November 30.

Addressing the “BC Atma Gourava Sabha” organized by the Telangana BJP at LB Stadium in Hyderabad as the chief guest, Prime Minister Modi spoke in Telugu and began by expressing gratitude to the people, acknowledging that he became the Prime Minister only with their blessings.

He emphasised on the close bond between BJP leaders and activists and the people of Telangana, comparing it to a family.

Prime Minister Modi noted that the people of Telangana have placed their trust in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), highlighting the desire for change among citizens from all walks of life.

Modi criticised the current government, referring to them as anti-BC, anti-SC, and anti-ST, emphasising that they have been in power for nine years.

He underscored the importance of sending such a government, which he views as anti-development for Telangana, out of power.

The Prime Minister cited various issues, including water, funds, and appointments, that led to the Telangana movement, and accused the BRS of failing to address these concerns.

He also pointed out that the DNA of both the BRS and Congress parties shares common traits, such as corruption, family rule, and appeasement politics.

Modi highlighted the BJP’s commitment to the aspirations of BCs, mentioning the significant number of BC ministers in the central cabinet and BC MPs in Parliament.

He also noted the achievements of prominent figures, such as Abdul Kalam and Ram Nath Kovind, who have reached the highest positions in the country through the BJP.

In the context of Telangana, Modi commented on the need for real development and observed a call for change in the state.

He raised concerns about malpractices in recruitment exams and accused BRS leaders of being linked to the Delhi Liquor Scam.

The Prime Minister expressed hope for a “double-engine government” in Telangana and emphasized the recovery of public funds from those who have misappropriated them.

Modi stated that BRS leaders are displaying arrogance, and he voiced confidence in their eventual defeat.

He also highlighted issues affecting Telangana youth, such as leaked TSPSC papers, and called for the removal of the current government.

The Prime Minister vowed to provide free ration rice to the poor for five years.

“This is Modi’s guarantee,” he added.

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