People scared, tiger reaches Raisen after traveling 270 km from Indore

  • Identification done by matching photographs of Mhow and Raisen
  • Forest department advises people to be alert

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Tigers and leopards are being seen around Raisen city, due to which people are in panic. A tiger strayed from the Mhow forest of Indore and reached here after traveling a distance of about 270 km. This has been confirmed by the DFO. However, the fortunate thing is that the tigers have not attacked any person yet. Even before this, a tigress was seen in the fields.

A tiger was seen wandering around the bypass of Raisen. After getting information about this, the forest department officials gathered information on the basis of its photo and found that this tiger had reached Raisen after wandering from Mhow forest of Indore. In this regard, DFO Vijay Kumar said that the photo of the tiger wandering around Raisen was sent to the Forest Department officials of Mhow. When the photos of Mhow and Raisen were matched, this tiger was found to be from Mhow. This tiger was identified from its body bandages and wound marks. Even on Thursday evening, this tiger was seen around Narapura Shri Krishna Gaushala in Raisen city.

Fair ended an hour early

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, a fair was organized on Friday at Someshwar Mahadev Temple located in Raisen Fort. In view of the fear of tiger attack, the forest department and the administration appealed to the people who had come to the fair in large numbers to go home and closed the fair an hour before. On the other hand, the forest department staff patrolled at night and bypassed the fair. But fire is also being lit so that the tiger does not enter the urban area. It is also believed that the tiger that came from Mhow has gone into the dense forests.

Tiger reached Raisen via Kannaud, Khategaon, Sehore

DFO Vijaykumar has expressed the possibility that this tiger might have wandered from the forests of Mhow and reached Raisen via the forests of Kannaud, Khategaon of Dewas district, Sehore and Bhopal. He said that a tiger covers a distance of 25 to 30 km in a day. The Forest Department has made an announcement and advised people to be alert, not to roam alone, to roam around the city in groups and to keep the doors of their houses closed at night.

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