‘People joining BJP due to greed and fear’

  • State Congress President Patwari taunts

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal

State Congress President Jitu Patwari recently took a dig at the leaders leaving Congress and joining BJP and said that man changes his faith due to greed and fear. A leader can change his beliefs, but not a worker, thanks to those who left!

State Congress President Patwari said this during a discussion with the media on Thursday. Reminding the history of Congress, he said that the Congress Party liberated the country. Patwari said that we have lost the elections, but are not disappointed. He said that due to indiscipline in the elections, we expelled those people from the party. 80 percent of those who joined BJP are the same people. At the same time, 80 percent of the people who joined BJP are the same people whom Patwari had expelled from the party for indiscipline in the elections.

BJP should find 370 unemployed people

On BJP’s booth Vijay Sankalp campaign, Patwari said that Bharatiya Janata Party should find 370 unemployed people, because they will have to provide employment. Find 370 indebted farmers and people who committed suicide. BJP should follow its religion. He said that when he speaks, he says that he is speaking the language of Ravana. Ravana’s language does not work in democracy. Here the public is the parents. The public should see their arrogance. People should listen to their language.

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