Pending complaints increased on Chief Minister’s Helpline

  • Revenue Department is most backward in resolving complaints
  • 20 thousand complainants still in Helpline
  • Total of eight out of 338 complaints were resolved

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
The complaints of CM Helpline could not be heard during the assembly elections. The result was that till now a total of 20 thousand 415 complaints are pending on the Chief Minister’s Helpline portal. These include complaints from many departments. The Revenue Department is lagging behind in resolving complaints, where out of 338 complaints received in the month of November, a total of eight have been resolved. It i s to inform that the Collector had earlier given instructions to take the complaints of the Chief Minister Helpline seriously and resolve them. Complaints received through the Chief Minister Helpline are not given much attention in the Revenue Department. The responsible officers SDM, Tehsildar, Nayab Tehsildar, Revenue Inspector and even Patwari look into the complaint but instead of resolving it properly, they put it on the back burner. In most of the cases, the complainant does not even come to know about his complaint. It is automatically closed by the authorities.

Not resolved even after 50 days

A total of 13 thousand 587 complaints from various departments are pending on the Chief Minister Helpline. Which have not been resolved by the authorities till now. These include energy, finance, revenue, home, urban development and housing, public health and other departments.

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