Passage of Women’s Bill with support of all parities historical event : Anurag Thakur

Chennai, Sep 24 (UNI) Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Youth Affairs and Sports Anurag Singh Thakur has said that the passage of women’s reservation bill with the support of all parties in Parliament was a remarkable historical event.

Speaking at a function in Coimbatore last evening, he said “It is a remarkable historical event that the women’s reservation bill has been passed with the support of all parties.”

Women are being given utmost importance in social progress, political progress, physical health, education, sports and science”, he said.

He pointed out that sportspersons from all states won the highest number of medals in the recent Khelo India Games held in Haryana.

He also said that Women scientists from Tamil Nadu played a key role in Chandrayaan-3 mission. Also women are getting the highest pass percentage in all educational institutions from IITs.

“Earlier, women never go to hospitals regularly for delivery. In the last nine years, 94 percent of the women have been treated properly in the hospital for delivery and the mother and child are protected. Financial assistance is provided for this purpose”, he added.

Stating that 14.5 crore LPG gas connections were given in 2014, he said Today, 33 crore new connections have been provided.

Under the Jal Jeevan Yojana, piped drinking water is supplied to all households. Under the Ayushman Bharat health insurance scheme, the common man is able to get the best possible medical treatment for Rs 5 lakh. The number of AIIMS hospitals has been increased from 7 to 22, he added.

Listing out the achievements of the BJP-led government, Mr Anurag Thakur said in the last nine years, 700 new medical colleges have been opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Jan Aushadhi Kendras are also functioning to cater the public in all areas. 70% of women are benefitted under mudra yojana and 40 million new houses have been constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, of which 75% are registered in the name of women. Thus, the Government of India is implementing various schemes for the betterment of women and for the betterment of their lives”, he said.

In particular, financial assistance has been provided to the SHGs and the target is to make them millionaires. They will be given drone training and women are doing good in the defence sector too.

Noting that the Parliament of India is an example of women power, the Union Minister said that “in our country, women are given important positions such as Finance Minister and President. Women from India have been doing well in the international level of sports.

Different kind of assistance is provided in the field of sports to motivate them”. .

Through the Digital India programme, the benefits reach the beneficiaries directly.Transparent government has been made possible through bank account, Aadhaar number and mobile technology.

About 46 per cent of the world’s digital transactions take place in India. In the last nine years, 185 million people have moved out of the poverty line. “With the implementation of GST and today, tax revenues have doubled. Through various initiatives, India has moved from 10th to 5th position in the economy globally. The number of unicorns, start-ups, etc., is increasing and women are emerging as entrepreneurs. Thus, India is progressing in every field from science to cinema. Women’s role is very important in it,” he said.

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