Women’s Reservation Bill: Modi deceived women, says Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru, Sep 24 (UNI) Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “deceiving” women by “creating” roadblocks in the way of Women’s Reservation Bill.

He pointed out that the BJP’s “hypocrisy” was demonstrated by the “barriers” of the census, delimitation, and longevity.

Siddaramaiah said the Women’s Reservation Bill will only be implemented after the first census in 2026.

He said the central government fixed an expiration date of 15 years for the Women’s Reservation Bill.

Siddaramaiah also stated that the bill will expire before its implementation because it will take 15 years to overcome the obstacles of census and delimitation.

In other words, the bill’s implementation won’t happen in 2024 or 2029. Even in 2034, it won’t be in effect. The Act’s intent would have been fulfilled by that point, he continued.

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