Parmar talks about danger to his life

  • Ravi Parmar writes letter asking for time from Chief Minister

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
New layers of corruption are being revealed one after the other in the much-discussed nursing mega scam of Madhya Pradesh. After the complaint of whistleblower Ravi Parmar, who exposed the nursing scam, Delhi CBI’s investigation has revealed that the CBI team investigating the colleges is also involved in corruption. In such a case, the CBI Inspector has been dismissed from the job, while the CBI Inspector and the Nursing College Director are on remand till May 29. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has given instructions to take strict action regarding the irregularities.

Officers and employees who commit irregularities will be dismissed. Such employees and officers are being identified who had helped in getting recognition of unfit nursing colleges by giving wrong reports. On Sunday, whistleblower NSUI Ravi Parmar wrote a letter to Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav asked for time to meet, saying that nursing fraud was going on in Madhya Pradesh for a long time, about which we were continuously complaining but the responsible officials did not pay attention. Tireless efforts were made to suppress the scam.

Future of students becomes bleak

Parmar wrote in the letter that due to Madhya Pradesh’s nursing college fraud, the future of lakhs of nursing students of the state has become bleak and the image of Madhya Pradesh has been tarnished in the whole of India. Many big education mafia, Hawala traders and the MP government are involved in this nursing fraud. Responsible officers are included.

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