One-sided love ends in triple tragedy in Indore

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In a heart-wrenching incident in Indore, a youth, embroiled in one-sided love perpetrated a horrific act resulting in the loss of three lives, including his own.

The distressing saga unfolded at a temple on Thursday, where a youth, identified as Abhishek Yadav, took drastic measures after his advances towards a girl named Sneha Jat were spurned. Accompanied by her cousin, Deepak Jat, the girl had visited a temple, where both she and her cousin became victims of Yadav’s misguided affection.

After the firing incident, there was chaos in the temple. The incident happened between 1 and 2 pm.

According to the police, the girl Sneha Jat, resident of Juni Indore, had come to have darshan in the temple with her cousin Deepak Jat, resident of Agar Malwa.

The youth Abhishek Yadav had earlier called Sneha and Deepak for a meeting at Swaminarayan temple. There he shot both the boy and the girl. After this he came to Arihant College and told the guard there that he was feeling uneasy and asked for water. The guard told him about the water kiosk of the college.

Abhishek went towards the college water kiosk and shot himself. There were around 150 students in the college during the incident. According to the police, none of them could be saved and all three of them have died.

Police have closed the Swaminarayan Temple and Arihant College premises. CCTV footage is being checked. The forensic team has also reached here.

According to the police, information was received from the girl’s father that it was a case of one-sided love. According to the priest of the temple, both the girl and her cousin brother stayed in the temple for about half an hour and this incident happened only when they were about to leave..

Accused is resident of Sehore

It was revealed that the girl’s cousin brother Deepak was studying in Oriental College. The accused is said to be originally a resident of Sehore district. No further information was available about him. Police is trying to ascertain from where Abhishek Yadav got the pistol. A country made pistol has been used in the incident.

It has come to light that Abhishek Yadav loved the girl one-sidedly. The girl had even refused to talk to him. It is said that he had called the girl Sneha and her cousin for having a talk. Meanwhile, when an argument broke out, he opened fire in the temple premises itself.

Sneha’s sister, who reached the spot after the incident, became unconscious after seeing her sister’s dead body. Sneha had also told her relatives about the young man. She had also talked about being upset with the youth.

Police have confiscated the mobiles of all three after the incident. Now they will be examined by experts.

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