One Nation-One Election is part of election reforms: BJP

Vijayawada, Sep 1 (UNI) BJP Spokesperson Lanka Dinakar said that the one nation-one election is part of election reforms and all should welcome it.

In a statement here on Friday, Dinakar said that as part of election reforms, the one nation-one election concept was being discussed for a long time.

The one nation-one election is to safeguard the resources of the public exchequer and remove the unnecessary hardship in governmental welfare and development activities due to the frequent Election Code.

Apart from this, frequent elections cause wastage of time and resources along with every time the political parties mind set motives for politics rather than the governance, Dinakar opined.

The BJP spokesperson said “Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Union Government has set up a Committee under the Chairmanship of the former President Ram Nath Kovid to address all the practical constraints for the Implementation of ‘One Nation- One Election’ effectively,” he said.

“There will be few constitutional amendments required, such as for the unexpired period of Governance of various state Governments and other practical constraints.

Definitely, the newly formed committee will address all the constraints that need to be considered in their report and the Union Government acts appropriately for the successful implementation of the One Nation – One Election,” the BJP leader added.

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