None can snatch away OBC quotas till Modi is alive: PM

Balrampur (UP), May 22 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked the Congress-led INDI alliance’s take on reservation and said that nobody can snatch the reservation of poor backward and tribal people as long as Modi is alive.

Addressing a public meeting organised in support of BJP candidates, the PM said that the enthusiasm and love of the crowd clearly shows that the INDI alliance of SP-Congress has been completely destroyed. “The entire country is saying only one thing, Phir ek Baar Modi Sarkar,” he said.

He said, “INDI alliance has terrible diseases. The alliance is extremely communal, extremely casteist and extremely nepotistic.

“It can be more destructive than cancer. Dividing society for vote jihad is their target.

“They have come up with new schemes for appeasement. They are doing vote jihad when people ask about their work.

“Congress says that Muslims have the first right on your property. They want to snatch your earnings and distribute it among Muslims.

“They want to snatch the reservation of SC/ST, Dalit and poor backward people in the whole country and give it to those who do vote jihad.

“No matter how hard they try, as long as Modi is alive, no one can snatch away the reservation of the poor, backward and tribal people,” he said.

Modi said, “Congress first looted the reservation of Dalits in the states ruled by it. I guarantee that Modi is the chowkidar of the rights of the deprived. I will not let the Karnataka model be implemented in the country. I will never let it be implemented.”

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