Nisha Bangre accused BJP of conspiring against her

Bhopal: Amidst Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections-2023, former Deputy Collector of Chhatarpur Nisha Bangre is continuously in the headlines. Now she has expressed her desire to be born in Chambal. She has also revealed the reason behind this. In Bhind, during the press conference, Bangre also accused BJP of hatching a conspiracy against her.

Former Deputy Collector and current Congress leader Nisha Bangre reached Bhind on Thursday. During the press conference in Bhind, Nisha Bangre expressed her wish that if she is born again, she wants to be born in Bhind district of Chambal only. Explaining the reason behind this, Nisha Bangre said that her thoughts come from the revolutionary land of Bhind, she wish she had been born in Bhind only.

Congress leader Nisha Bangre said, “I have come to Bhind. There is awareness among the people about the Constitution here. People respect the contribution made by Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar. My thoughts come from this land of revolution. I wish I was born here.”

Nisha said further, “If I have my next birth, it should be in the land of Bhind only, so that my thoughts can reach the country in a better way. The public wants change, the Chief Minister is not respectful towards collectors and SPs.”

BJP is dividing people: Nisha

Taking dig at BJP, Nisha Bangre said that BJP is doing politics of dividing people like East India Company. Whereas Congress is working to connect the people, that is why she has joined the Congress. Along with this, Nisha Bangre has appealed to the youth that politics is a very difficult journey, but if the filth spread in politics has to be cleaned then the youths should come forward. She said that she herself is young that is why she has come into politics.

Nisha said that BJP had hatched such a conspiracy that I would lose my job and also would not be able to contest elections, Congress had declared tickets on all 229 assembly seats but had kept one seat reserved for me. But this could not happen due to the conspiracy of BJP.

‘My aim is much bigger’

Nisha said her aim was not to become an MLA, my aim is much bigger, to implement this Constitution. Nisha Bangre said that BJP is adopting a double character. On one hand it talks about promoting women in politics by giving them reservation and on the other hand I was stopped from contesting elections.

Nisha Bangre also targeted BSP. She said that BSP has deviated from its path. It used to talk about Baba Saheb and the Constitution, Kashiram Saheb worked to unite the society, but now BSP has deviated from its path.

On the statement given by Nitish Kumar in the Assembly, Nisha Bangre said that there should be talk on sensitive issues but correct words should be used. Nitish could have used better words.

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