City experiencing high temps, cool weather likely after Diwali

Bhopal: Bhopal is currently witnessing high temperatures in November, marking the second occurrence in the past 11 years. Daytime temperatures have soared to 34 degrees Celsius, while night temperatures have remained relatively mild at 16.9 degrees Celsius. Weather experts predict that this unseasonably hot weather pattern will persist for the next four days. Temperatures are expected to drop after Diwali.

According to weather scientist Ashfaq Hussain, the inability of cool air to reach Madhya Pradesh is due to the active Western Disturbance in Northern India. This weather system is expected to remain active until November 12, causing warm daytime weather. However, Hussain forecasts an increase in the cold effect during the nights starting from November 12 in Bhopal and several parts of the state. A more pronounced chill is anticipated between November 20 and 25.

Bhopal is witnessing record high temperatures this November. Daytime temperatures have continuously been above 33 degrees Celsius. The city hit a record high of 34 degrees on November 8 but saw a slight decrease on November 9, reaching 33.2 degrees. Alongside the heat, there’s a noticeable humidity during the day.

Reports from the region indicate that the cyclonic activity in the state, influenced by surrounding cyclones, has altered its usual course towards the south and southeast. Consequently, most districts have experienced higher than normal daytime temperatures, resulting in sweltering conditions for the local residents. Nighttime temperatures have remained stable, providing some relief with mild coolness in the plains.

Mercury climbed to 34 degrees in Damoh, Ratlam

The Meteorological Department has recorded the highest temperatures in Damoh and Ratlam, where the mercury climbed to 34 degrees Celsius. In contrast, Chhindwara and Umaria have maintained relatively normal nighttime temperatures, hovering around 13 degrees Celsius.

Weather scientist Ashfaq Husain explained that an active Western Disturbance in northern India has hindered the arrival of cool winds in Madhya Pradesh. Consequently, the region is currently grappling with warmer weather conditions. However, there is hope for a shift towards cooler temperatures after November 12, with nighttime temperatures expected to drop, while daytime temperatures may average around 29-30 degrees Celsius.

Between November 4 and 7, Bhopal experienced a notable surge in daytime temperatures, surpassing 33 degrees Celsius and hitting a record high on November 7. Gwalior, too, saw elevated temperatures at 33 degrees Celsius, with Indore recording 31.8 degrees Celsius, Jabalpur at 31.5 degrees Celsius, and Ujjain at 33.2 degrees Celsius. Districts such as Guna and Ratlam witnessed temperatures reaching 34 degrees Celsius or higher.

In contrast, Pachmarhi reported the lowest temperature at 27.4 degrees Celsius, followed by Malanjkhand at 27.8 degrees Celsius, Betul at 29 degrees Celsius, and Raeesen at 29.6 degrees Celsius. Overall, these regions are grappling with unusually warm weather, with a strong likelihood of hot conditions persisting over the next few days.

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