Neither public nor party takes Rahul Gandhi seriously: Yogi

Panna/Niwari/Raisen (MP), Nov 8 (UP) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister launched an attack on Congress and said that its leader Rahul Gandhi has gone to Kedarnath to pray to God in times of crisis as his party is set to lose the assembly elections.

On the second consecutive day of campaigning in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates in Madhya Pradesh, Yogi said, “Rahul ji is convinced that Congress is losing badly in the semi-finals of the assembly elections and therefore has run away. He lacks the guts to face the elections.”

He said, “The absence of the former Congress president at the last moment of the elections shows that neither his party, nor the public takes him seriously.”

The UP CM said that when the Congress government was in power at the centre and in the state, it abandoned victims of the Kedarnath tragedy. “People kept wandering for many months, but the government did not help them. As the CM of Gujarat Modi ji sought permission from the centre to help the victims, but was denied it,” he said.

He alleged, “They had destroyed Kedarnath, but when PM Modi and the Uttarakhand government got an opportunity, they beautified Kedarnath Dham. If you hold a flower in your hand, its fragrance and softness will give you pleasure, but if you hold a scorpion in your hand, it will definitely bite.”

Yogi narrated the story of the transformation of UP in the last six and a half years and invited the people of Madhya Pradesh to come to Ayodhya.

Urging people to vote for the BJP candidate Brijendra Pratap Singh from Panna assembly constituency, he said, “This entire area is connected to Bundelkhand of UP. People go from here to there in the name of education, health, employment and farming, hence this area is not far from us. The activities going on within both the states have an impact on each other’s areas.”

The UP CM said, “We are building a new Noida. It took 46 years to build Noida near Delhi, which spreads over an area of 33,000 acres of land. We are going to settle 38,000 acres in Jhansi and Bundelkhand in the first phase itself. New industries will be established here and the youth will get employment. Be it UP or MP the aim of both the governments is to serve the people.”

Appealing to people to vote in favour of Shishupal Yadav from Prithvipur assembly constituency, he said that there is a better security environment under the BJP government. “Now no one can infiltrate into India and kill innocent civilians. No one can snatch away the food from the poor. We are seeing India changing under the leadership of PM Modi and MP changing under the leadership of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan,” he said.

Yogi said that MP, where agriculture was in bad shape previously, is at the forefront in the rate of agricultural development today. “MP is no longer a sick state and is developing fast. This momentum should continue. If Congress is the problem then BJP is the solution. If you want a solution then make BJP win,” he said.

Seeking votes for Narendra Shivaji Patel from Udaipura assembly constituency of Raisen district, Surendra Patwa from Bhojpura, Dr Tribhuvan Ram Chaudhary from Sanchi and Dr Rampal Singh from Silwani, Yogi said that elections are fought not by individuals but by party-ideology.

He said, “This fight is also between two ideologies. On one side there is Congress, which has given only problems during its prolonged rule. During the time of Congress, LPG connection was either not available, or if available, it was only during festivals. People often had to face the police baton to get a cylinder. But, today people are getting as much LPG as they need.”

The CM said, “The work and the speed at which it is being done, has been possible only because of the double engine government of the BJP. The Congress Party does not have the capacity and strength to carry out development works.”

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