Movement of dacoits again starts in Gwalior Chambal

  • Lucca and Ramsahay gang active, police on alert

Chronicle Reporter, Gwalior
After a lapse of two years, fear has resurfaced in the forests of Gwalior-Chambal due to the activities of a dacoit gang. The gangs led by Lukka Gurjar and Ramsahay Gurjar, whom have bounties on their heads have been spotted moving in the Bhanwarpura forest situated in Ghatigaon.

Amidst the activities of the dacoit gang, the police have heightened their alertness and deployed forces to conduct searches in the forest. The police team comprising of fifty officers are busy searching in the forest on the Gwalior-Morena border. After the arrest of dacoit Gudda Gurjar in an encounter, apprehension has once again gripped the neighboring villages.

Reports indicate the presence of Dharmendra, also known as Lukka, in the areas frequented by Gurjar and Ramsahay Gurjar. Lukka Gurjar has been involved in recent criminal activities in the Morena and Dholpur Rajasthan regions, warranting a reward of Rs 50,000 on his head. The movement of four armed miscreants in the village has instilled fear among the villagers.

When the police surrounded it in Bhanwarpura area, he left towards Aaron’s forest. The fifty soldiers of Ghatigaon and Aaron police station are searching for him in the forests of Aaron. In this case, Additional Superintendent of Police Niranjan Sharma stated that information has been received about the movement of Dharmendra alias Lukka Gurjar of Rajasthan while the search is being conducted.

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