Modi is liar, BJP triggers riots and is endangering Constitution: Kharge

Sagar (MP), Aug 22 (UNI) Denouncing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a leader who speaks untruth, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge alleged on Tuesday that the BJP plays the politics of divide and rule besides instigating riots for satiating its power lust.

Blowing the Congress’ electoral campaign bugle for the Madhya Pradesh Assembly polls scheduled this winter, Mr Kharge – while addressing a public meeting at this principal town of Bundelkhand region – averred, “Who struggled for India’s independence? Were Mr Modi and (Union Home Affairs and Cooperation Minister) Mr Amit Shah even born then? However, the duo talks big. There is an attempt underway to undermine the Constitution but we (the Congress) and crores of Indians are standing as a bulwark to safeguard it.”

Raising the Manipur issue, the Congress chief said, “The situation has reached its nadir in that state but the Prime Minister avoids a visit there and ultimately paid lip service in Parliament vis-à-vis restoring law and order. For three months riots were perpetrated and women raped.”

Pointing out that Mr Modi made hollow promises of providing crores of jobs and Rs 15 lakh in every citizen’s account through return of black money stashed overseas besides doubling agrarian income; Mr Kharge said that the price rise is unbridled with tomatoes selling at Rs 72 per kg even as LPG, pulses, vanaspati and oil are also dearer.

“Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar was born in this region and he thought about the welfare of the indigent,” Mr Kharge underlined.

Mr Modi remembers Sant Ravidas in the run-up to polls, the Congress bigwig alleged, adding that a memorial and a temple “do not comprise his intention; his motive – as always – is vote-grabbing. In August 2019, a Ravidas shrine was bulldozed in Delhi.”

Mr Kharge waved a copy of a national daily towards the multitude in support of his statement.

Responding to Mr Shah’s challenge that the Congress furnish a report card for 53 years of its rule at the Centre, he returned fire by alleging that Mr Modi once held sway over Gujarat, which has the dubious distinction of being the most backward state vis-à-vis nourishment for children.

“The BJP always insults the mandate. We emerged victorious in Madhya Pradesh but the saddle was snatched. And they speak of democracy, image plus ideals? They claim that their politics is fair but purchase MLAs or issue threats through the medium of the ED and CVC. The regime here is an illegal one. Mr Modi and Mr Chouhan cannot digest meals without hurling abuse at the Congress. In Karnataka’s earlier context, legislators were whisked away to Mumbai, promised ministerial berths and given lucre. Manipur’s case was similar. Congress members are harassed and incarcerated,” Mr Kharge emphasised.

The Bundelkhand Package was “improperly” utilised in Madhya Pradesh where numerous “untoward” incidents have been perpetrated and corruption rules the roost.

“After the Congress surges to power in this state, a university shall be established here in Sant Ravidas’ name; cooking gas cylinders will be available at only Rs 500 each; Rs 1,500 shall be deposited every month in each woman’s account and progressively enhanced; up to 100 units power will be free of cost; the old pension scheme re-implemented and a caste-based census conducted,” he assured during his 45-minute-long speech that also witnessed listing out of Congress achievements.

“Inhuman” behaviour meted out to a tribesman reveals that the BJP cannot protect the weaker segment; dalits’ dwellings were “demolished” and land snatched.

Among the dignitaries present were the Vidhan Sabha’s Leader of the Opposition Govind Singh, erstwhile Union minister Kantilal Bhuria and former chief ministers Digvijaya Singh and Kamal Nath.

This is Mr Kharge’s maiden visit to the state subsequent to assuming the mantle of party head.

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