‘Change is not possible without faith in Guru’

  • Discourse of Mandakini Shriramkinkar held in Manas Bhavan
  • There was no change in Ravana even after learning from Hanuman-ji

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Reverend Didi Mandakini Shriramkinkar delivered a speech on the topic ‘Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosai’ on the second day of the ceremony dedicated to the memory of former Treasurer Madhurisharan Agarwal in a prestige event organized at Tulsi Manas Pratishthan on the topic ‘Kripa karhu guru dev ki nai’. She said that when even after getting a full powerful Guru like Tribhuvan Guru Rudravatar Shri Hanumanji, if there was no change in Bahubali ten-witted Ravana, it is to point out the truth that if the disciple has no discipleship, there will be no symptoms like if the vessel is dirty and has holes, putting anything in it will be useless. Similarly, transformation is not possible without the disciple surrendering himself with full faith in the Guru. On the second evening of Ramkatha on Sunday, the spiritual successor of Pt. Yug Tulsi Maharajshri Ramkinkar ji, Manas Marmagya Didi Maa Mandakini Ramkinkar, expressed in front of a huge devotee audience in the Ramkinkar Auditorium of Manas Bhawan. Revealing the subtle difference between education and initiation, the learned speaker explained through illustrations – Today’s modern education system has been created by the British through Macaulay. While the Sanatan Dharma of India, which is the eternal divine Guru-disciple tradition, whose children were initiated. There is a huge difference between the two. Giving the example of German cruel leader Adolf Hitler and Saint Shiromani Goswami Tulsidasji, Pujya Didi explained that both of them had the same early childhood, which was extremely adverse, harsh and negative. But if that negativity left such a bad impact on Hitler’s subconscious mind – which was filled with hatred and hatred and became the main cause of the world war, then Pujyapad Goswami Tulsidasji became Vishwa Vandaya Setu and became the author of such a classic book that today In 500 years, innumerable people crossed the Bhavsagar by taking his shelter. Its entire credit goes to this guru-shishya parampara.

Hanuman ji kept the example of teacher-disciple

Shri Hanumanji is not only an ideal teacher, he also put an example before us of how an ideal disciple should be in Leela. Shri Hanumanji received education from Lord Surya and got the knowledge of all the Vedas, Shastras, Puranas, Grammar by walking in reverse with the moving chariot of Lord Surya. And when Lord Shri Ram met on Rishimook mountain, Hanumanji took mantra diksha from the Lord. While clarifying, Didi told the difference that if Ravana was a scholar, then Hanumanji was a scholar of learning. Physical Cosmic Science-Book-Google can also be obtained from teachers.


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