Mhambrey almost names Playing XI for B’desh match

Pune, Oct 18 (UNI) India’s bowling coach Paras Mhambrey almost announced the Playing XI for tomorrow’s match against Bangladesh at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium here on Wednesday.

Mhambrey gave glimpses of the Playing XI while fielding questions on Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammad Shami and Suryakumar Yadav’s non-inclusion. He said they are quality players, and indicated that they would get their chances based on the nature of the pitch.

Asked to comment on leaving out a player of Ashwin’s quality, Mhambrey said it is really tough call.”Yeah, it’s a really tough one I think when you have a world class bowler within amongst your 15 and unable to – we don’t get an opportunity to give him a great game. That’s a tough call, you have to take that tough call,” he said.

“But I think for us, the conversation has always been team centric, and what’s all the decisions that we’ve taken, not only prior to this game, but the last few years. I think conversation will always be around,” he added.

The team goes with horses for courses and Ashwin is a great team man who understands what is best for the team, Mhambrey said.

“We go with the side what is the best, obviously the surface, depending on what surface we’re playing, but the best combination that we feel will be helpful on that surface.

“In that sense, he’s (Ashwin) been a great lad. He understands that, he’s a great team guy. I’ve never seen him grumpy; I haven’t seen him complaining any time for any of the last few years that he’s been with us,” he said.

“So having someone like that, a team guy in a team really helps. And I think credit goes to him. Even after so many years, I think he’s there, he wants to do well for the team, he turns up every practice session, goes through the rigorous grinds and he keeps bowling. So, I think he’s a great team man and I must compliment that,” Mhambrey added.

Asked whether Suryakumar is ready for his maiden World Cup game, Mhambrey said he does not have a slot for him right now, but they know his quality.

“You don’t have a slot for him right now. But we all know what he brings to the table. He is a match winner for you and I am sure he will get an opportunity. If opportunity arises, he will get his game,” he said.

“The question then asked is, who do you replace him with? So that’s always a challenge. People always say, he should be playing. I think he should be playing. But the question sometimes is, in whose place? I think that’s a challenge,” he stated.

Asked about the difficulty in keeping out a quality bowler like Shami, Mhambrey said it is a difficult decision even with the quality that he brings to the team.

“See, honestly, it is never an easy decision. But I think the conversations are around, we had a clear chat with him. Whenever we select a squad, the message from us is very clear. That we pick a squad we feel is the best for that wicket …,” he said.

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