Mexico to appeal to UN’s ICJ after police attack on embassy in Ecuador

Mexico City, April 6 (UNI) The Mexican government will appeal to the UN International Court of Justice (ICJ) to condemn the actions of the Ecuadorian authorities after police attacked the diplomatic mission in Quito that left several diplomatic staff members injured, Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena said on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, Ecuadorian authorities detained former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas who had been sheltering in the Mexican Embassy in Quito, media reported. Barcena said Mexican diplomats in Ecuador sustained injuries after Ecuadorian law enforcement officers had broken into the Mexican Embassy to detain Glas.

“Mexico will appeal to the International Court of Justice to condemn Ecuador’s responsibility for violations of international law,” Barcena said in a statement published by the Mexican Foreign Ministry on X.

Glas arrived in the Mexican embassy last December to request protection and was granted guest access. The Ecuadorian government later asked Mexico for permission to enter the embassy and arrest Glas, but police were denied access.

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