Maximum emphasis on booth management and tribal voters

Milind Muzumdar, Indore,
An important meeting of the BJP was held in Delhi recently, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President JP Nadda and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, along with members of the Central Election Committee and the party’s parliamentary board took part. In this meeting, the election campaign and other strategies, including ticket distribution formulas, were discussed.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya, State BJP President Vishnu Dutt Sharma and State Election Campaign Committee coordinator Narendra Singh Tomar were present in the Delhi meeting. The maximum emphasis of the top leaders of the party is on booth management and strengthening the network among the tribals. It is being emphasized that in any case, 51% votes have to be obtained this time. For this it is necessary to win every booth. The party has identified 19000 polling stations where the party is weak or has lost the last election. A special strategy is being made for these polling stations. Overall, BJP is going to appear in the field continuously in the coming days.

Change is necessary to stop anti-incumbency

Sources also say that there is pressure on the state leadership from the high command to show the way out to the powerless people of the power and the organization. The high command wants to control the anti-incumbency factor in time. Changes in Madhya Pradesh will not be completely on the Gujarat model, but like Gujarat, the state leadership has been asked to take strict steps to remove anti-incumbency. As per the instructions of the high command, the state organization of BJP is continuously reviewing the work of MLAs and ministers. The Chief Minister has identified the useless MLAs and warned them. If their performance does not improve, then such MLAs will be denied tickets. As far as the efficiency of the cabinet is concerned, sources in the BJP are telling that only half a dozen ministers have stood the test of organization.

According to sources, the BJP high command has also asked the state organization to replace the frequently appearing and winning faces and replace them with new energetic fresh faces as was done in Gujarat, but sources say that The Chief Minister is not in favor of completely adopting the Gujarat model. The high command has suggested changing 40% of the MLAs’ faces.

Possible change in the districts of ministers in charge!

Ministers in charge play an important role in the context of transfer posting political appointments. In the panchayat and urban body elections, the in-charge ministers also played an important role in ticket distribution. In this case, most of the work is done by the in-charge ministers. Especially, most of the work of the workers is done by the in-charge ministers. After review, the organization found that the ministers in charge are not taking any interest in the districts under their charge. Due to this the state in charge Murlidhar Rao got angry. He has asked the ministers in charge to visit the districts under their charge continuously and be present in the office at least 1 day a week. The ministers have been asked to register their presence in the state office for one day and in the district office for one day. Anti-incumbency against the government increases only because of the inefficiency of the ministers. It has been seen in the past that whenever elections are held in the ruling states, the ministers are the most defeated candidates. In such a situation, the ministers are being specially warned. There is no communication between the ministers and the workers and office bearers of the party. Muralidhar Rao has also warned the ministers in this regard. Apart from this, the state in-charge has also advised the ministers to take the social media account seriously. He said that every minister and MLA should have at least one lakh followers. Ministers should check their social accounts themselves and like and dislike should also be seen and done. Giving the example of Gujarat, Muralidhar Rao told how social media played a role in strengthening the party’s network there. Overall, it is evident from the activities of the state party high command that a change in the charge of the district ministers is also possible.

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