Manipur: Violent mob burn offices in Churachandpur, internet snapped

Imphal, Feb 16 (UNI) A violent mob attacked and tried to burn the DC, SP, and other government offices on Thursday night, resulting in the death of a person in Churachandpur district.

To control the situation The Manipur government on Friday ordered the suspension of internet services for five days in the district.

Manipur Police suspended a police head constable identified as Siamlalpaul attached at Churachandpur police station for allegedly working with suspected Kuki militants and attacking Meitei villagers. The video of the policeman taking part in attacks by going with Kuki militants went viral.

Police said a mob converged on Thursday night, demanding the revocation of the suspension order.

The mob turned violent and burned government infrastructure at the DC and SP offices.

Tear gas shells were fired, and police tried to control the mob; however, the situation could not be controlled. Police said the Rapid Action Force (RAF) and police fired tear gas shells. In the standoff, a person died.

In X, Manipur Police said, “A mob numbering approximately 300–400 attempted to storm the office of SP CCP today, pelting stones, etc. The SF (security forces), including the RAF, is responding appropriately by firing tear gas shells to control the situation. Things are under watch.”

The Manipur crisis started on May 3, 2023, after a violent Kuki mob burned government offices and attacked people from another ethnic group. Over 60000 people were displaced, and over 200 people have died so far due to the crisis.

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