Countdown for tomorrow’s GSLV-F14/INSAT-3DS mission to begin today

Chennai, Feb 16 (UNI) The Countdown for the Saturday evening launch of INSAT-3DS, a meteorological and disaster warning satellite, using ISRO’s heaviest rocket Geo Synchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV) from the spaceport of Sriharikota, SHAR-Range will begin today.

The launch which was scheduled at 1730 hrs tomorrow, has been rescheduled by five minutes and it will take off from the Second Launch Pad at 1735 hrs.

ISRO posted in X “GSLV-F14/INSAT-3DS Mission: The launch is now scheduled at 17:35 Hrs on Saturday”. .

ISRO said in its 16th flight, the GSLV aims to deploy the 2,274 kg INSAT-3DS, a meteorological and disaster warning satellite.

“The mission is fully funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). @moesgoi #INSAT3DS”, it said.

After the Mission Readiness Review Committee and the Launch Authorisation Board gives the go ahead for this important mission, the countdown will begin during which propellant filling operations will be carried out in the three stage vehicle.

About 19 minutes after the lift off, the 51.7 m tall vehicle, with a lift off mass of 420 tonnes, will inject the satellite into the Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) at an altitude of 170 km with an inclination of 19.35 deg to the equator.

Subsequent orbit-raising maneuvers will ensure that the satellite is positioned in the GTO.

The launch of INSAT-3DS will represent a significant milestone in India’s space journey, underscoring ISRO’s commitment to harnessing space technology for societal benefits.

With its advanced capabilities and collaborative development approach, INSAT-3DS is poised to bolster India’s capabilities in meteorology, disaster management, and beyond, reaffirming the nation’s prowess in space exploration and innovation.

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