Liquor mafia smuggling from under windows and shutters

  • Liquor being sold secretly after tough measures
  • Responsible not serious even after attack on constable

(Abdul Suboor)
Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
In the capital Bhopal, no effect of the orders of top officials is being seen on the liquor mafia. Not even 24 hours had passed since the miscreants attacked the constable that the liquor mafia became active again.

From selling liquor secretly to ignoring the rules, businessmen selling liquor till late night have been caught in the camera of Navbharat/ Central Chronicle.

The Excise Department is claiming to patrol strictly and instruct the operators to stop on time. On the other hand, on Wednesday, the police commissioner had issued strict instructions to all the station in-charges of the city to close the wine shops according to the rules and at the stipulated time. When we tried to know the ground reality of this order, we got to see something else.

Case of beating constable badly with baton

According to the information, on the intervening night of Tuesday-Wednesday, the constable, who had come to get the liquor shop shut in Ayodhya Nagar police station area, was badly beaten with sticks by the henchmen of the contractor, injuring his hand, leg, head and mouth. After this attack, Police Commissioner Harinarayan Chari Mishra suspended station in-charge Ritesh Sharma on Wednesday. He has been considered responsible for keeping the liquor shop open in the police station area after the stipulated time. It is to inform that after the assault, the accused had fled from the spot. After registering a case of attempt to murder, the police arrested the accused and took out a procession. The Municipal Corporation has removed the Gumthi and a board of the accused in the name of action.

NSA action was taken against miscreants who attacked earlier

Action was taken under the National Security Act i.e. NSA against the accused who attacked the police that went to remove the crowd during the lockdown in Bhopal. The goons had injured two policemen.

Taking the matter seriously, the police had taken action against the goons under the National Security Act. In the past too, miscreants had attacked the police with knives in the Kohefiza police station area, in which the administration had taken action for illegal occupation and demolition of houses.

No one paid attention to Uma’s advice

In fact, Uma Bharti had launched a campaign before the release of the new liquor policy. Under the pressure of Uma, the government bowed down and Shivraj decided to close the Ahatas (compound). However, after this Uma had said that now it is the responsibility of the public representatives and the police to strictly follow the new liquor policy. But on the contrary, the situation is that the premises are closed, but people can easily be seen consuming liquor outside the liquor shops.

Time: 1.18 pm (Bhopal Talkies)

On the intervening night of Wednesday-Thursday in Hanumanganj Police Station area, the shutter of the wine shop located at Bhopal Talkies intersection was seen to be closed. But liquor was being smuggled from under the shutter in an intelligent manner. Customers were seen buying liquor continuously here in this manner. Local residents here say that this is how smuggling is done overnight from the wine shop. Even after complaining to the police several times, no action has been taken.

Time: 1.35 pm (Sunday)

The view of the wine shop on the main road of Itwara located in Tallaiya police station was also shocking. The operator made a splinter on the shutter of the wine shop. Liquor was being smuggled through the window secretly. Customers just come and knock. The person sitting at the counter will give liquor from inside. Where his amount is also taken at the small window itself. Customers were continuously coming to his place even after 1.35 in the night. In the blink of an eye, a situation of controversy arises in this area. Every day there are brawls here due to the intoxication of alcohol.


Follow-up is being done to close the wine shop on time. A letter is also being written to the Excise Department regarding time. The police will act strictly on such wine shops.
–       Harinarayan Chari Mishra, Police Commissioner, Bhopal

The scheduled closing time of the wine shop is 11.30. Four excise teams had left from 9 pm on Wednesday night. After reaching many wine shops in the city, the operators were instructed to close them on time. If it is not followed then action will be taken.
-Rajendra Jain, ADO
 Excise Department Bhopal

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