Law & Order in Delhi deteriorates, LG ruined police system: Bhardwaj

New Delhi, May 7 (UNI) Citing that the National Capital has the highest crime rate in the country at this time, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader and cabinet minister Saurabh Bharadwaj on Tuesday accused Delhi LG VK Saxena of ruining the police system in the city.

Addressing the media here, Bhardwaj said, “The law and order situation in Delhi is deteriorating rapidly, if the data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is seen, then at this time the crime rate in Delhi is the highest in the country.”

“According to NCRB data, there are about 1832 incidents per lakh population in Delhi today, while at the national level, this average is about 258 incidents per lakh population,”he said adding that the average of criminal cases in Delhi is 7 times higher than the national incidents.

The Senior AAP leader claimed, “Out of the total cases, chargesheets in only 30% of the cases were filed and 70% of the cases do not even reach the court.” How will the criminals be punished and how will the victims get justice? He questioned stating that in this way the morale of the criminals will be higher and the crime will increase even more.

“The increasing crime incidents in Delhi are evidence of the failure of Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena of Delhi. He cannot perform his two tasks Delhi Police and Delhi Development Authority and ruined the police system of Delhi,” the Minister alleged.

In 2014, when the BJP government came to power, there were about 5500 vacancies in Delhi Police, today this vacant position has increased to about 13000. There are not enough people in the police to run the system properly. There is a shortage of police personnel in the police courts and the central government has also reduced the budget of the police department by 4.5 per cent, Bhardwaj asserted.

“30% of the crimes against women seen in the big cities of the country are happening only in Delhi city and not only that, in the last three years, the incidents of crime in Delhi are higher than in other states. Today 14466 cases of crimes against women are happening in Delhi which is about 30% of 19 states,” he claimed.

On LG’s order to remove 223 employees of the Delhi Women Commission, Bhardwaj said, “LG is obstructing the work of the Delhi government’s departments, instead of improving the law and order situation of Delhi.”

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